We treat our customers like family

Hesheng is run by a family – Yang Lijian is the father, Zeng Meie is the mom and Emma Yangmeng is their daughter and together they make some of the tastiest fare in the Cape.  Everything here is handmade – the noodles, the dumplings, the steam buns, and you can really taste the difference.

Hesheng family

As unassuming as Hesheng is it seems that all first timers become regulars – there are a ton of reviews to be found, all of them positive; and most of the time you’ll be dining with other Chinese people living in or visiting Cape Town which is really the only kind of review you need.

Courtesy of http://manfood.co.za

We should also mention that restaurants in China don’t focus on the decor, furnishings and service, but more on the food. Same goes for our place. And be patient with Ma’s English (also not widely found in restaurants in China).